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Crystalens Intraocular Lens

Imagine, focusing instantly and seamlessly at all distances. The Rand Eye Institute offers you that freedom with the new Crystalens™



DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — The Rand Eye Institute remains a leader in ophthalmology as it offers to its patients the latest technology in refractive surgery.

The FDA recently approved the first and only intraocular lens replacement that focuses like the eye’s natural lens, allowing for continuous vision up close, far away and all distances in between. Used in conjunction with standard cataract removal methods, the Crystalens™ offers the opportunity to potentially experience the freedom of seeing well at all distances.

By mimicking the natural focusing ability of your eye the Crystalens™ potentially eliminates the need for reading glasses where most people with non-accommodating lens implants must wear glasses for middle and near vision. In the same way, most people who have had LASIK will start needing reading glasses in their forties.

The Crystalens™ FDA clinical trials indicate that 92 percent of the patients could see 20/25 or better at distance and 96 percent at arm’s length. What is even more exciting is that 98 percent of these people could pass their drivers test, 100 percent could see their computer and dashboard, read the prices in the supermarket or put on their makeup, and 98 percent could read the telephone book or newspaper, all without glasses or contact lenses.

The Crystalens™ is ideally suited for men and women 40 years of age and older, including those diagnosed with the beginning of cataracts. A thorough examination is the first step in determining if someone is a candidate for the Crystalens™.

At the Rand Eye Institute we strive to provide medical care abiding by the highest standards of our time. We have always performed refractive surgery using the best and proven technology. “The best just keeps getting better,” shared Dr. Rand. Patients having had the Crystalens™ implanted will never have to worry about getting cataracts. “The Crystalens™ represents the state-of-the-art in artificial lens design and is the latest and the best option for correcting a full range of vision,” says Dr. Rand.

The Rand Eye Institute is fully licensed and Joint Commission accredited, and benefits from an international reputation for excellence in ophthalmology spanning over a generation.

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