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ReSTOR Intraocular lens

ReSTOR is actually known by the technical name, AcrySof® ReSTOR® Apodized Diffractive IOL.


The most impressive result of the ReSTOR Lens is enhanced up close reading. The special lens – made of a proven material called AcrySof – features a series of stair steps that help divide light in a process called “apodization”. The steps in the diffractive structure are larger at the lens center, the step height decreases away from the lens center and the smaller the step, the lower the proportion of energy that is directed to near focus. In other words, the lens helps individuals 40 and older see near, intermediate and far – without corrective eyewear, including reading glasses. Additional benefits are patients will not need cataract surgery and according to other national studies fewer complaints about halos.

The root cause of presbyopia (not being able to read fine print after age 40) is the aging of the material in the eye. Previously, LASIK surgeons utilized mono-vision – correcting one eye for distance, the other for near. But not everyone could tolerate this. Replacing the natural lens with the ReSTOR lens truly addresses the problem.

“Surgical techniques using the ReSTOR lens can fix far-sightedness and near-sightedness, and improve vision at computer and reading distances as well. Techniques using the ReSTOR lens also can correct presbyopia, a pre-cataract condition in which near vision becomes blurry, with a procedure called refractive lens exchange for those who do not yet have cataracts, but want to be glasses free,” said Dr. Rand.




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