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Carving out a Niche This Halloween and Making it Safe for Kids

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Nothing says, “Welcome to Fall” like the orange glow of a pumpkin patch. Time to pick out a healthy, robust pumpkin for your Fall Halloween decorations, and carve out some fun by adding your own decorative design to his mesmerizing mug.

Have fun with your pumpkin this Halloween, but please observe these Halloween Safety Tips first before carving ol’ Jack, courtesy of Rand Eye Institute and The American Academy of Pediatrics.


While carving the pumpkin is a fun family activity that has so many layers, (design, baking pumpkin seeds, carving and construction), remember, small children should never carve pumpkins, let the adults do that. Children can draw his face with markers, or using a paper template, have them suggest where to poke the holes through the paper, so an adult can do the carving.

Consider using a flashlight or glow stick, instead of a real candle to light the inside of the pumpkin. Try using a small battery-operated LED candle, they’re inexpensive, reusable, come in a variety of colors and they flicker just like real candles. A candle left unattended is not only dangerous, but the heat from the candle melts the pumpkin prematurely, no one likes a floppy pumpkin.

So in the 35-year tradition of Rand Eye Vision safety-first tips, use your Rand EYE-Q this Halloween to keep your little ghosts, ghouls and goblins safe!

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