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So True or So False?

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Question-markAs a child, your mom most likely nagged you about straining your eyes. Myths about eyesight have been ongoing for centuries. But are these myths true, or are they really just myths? Let’s take a look!

Looking at a computer screen for too long can damage your eyes. FALSE
Excessive computer use can cause eye fatigue or discomfort. The computer screens do not cause the discomfort, and the radiation levels are below levels that can cause damage to the eyes. It can cause eyestrain.

Eating carrots will improve your vision. TRUE
Carrots contain Vitamin A, which is essential for eyesight, but only a small amount is necessary.

Reading in the dark can damage your eyes. FALSE
It can only make the eyes tired.

Using improper glasses can damage your eyes. FALSE
Contacts or glasses are necessary to improve eyesight, but not using glasses or contacts will not further damage the eyes.

Swimming in a pool with your eyes open can damage your vision. FALSE
The chlorine from the water can cause irritation and burning of the eyes. It is not dangerous, but uncomfortable. Wearing goggles is the way to go.

Swimming in the ocean with your eyes open can damage the eye if contact is made with dangerous substances like man o’ war tentacles. FACT

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