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CBS4 – It’s High Definition For Your Eyes

It’s High Definition For Your Eyes

(CBS4) Imagine seeing with quadruple the clarity, quadruple the color, and quadruple to contrast of the best high definition television set. That’s what this high definition vision surgery is all about, and with it just about anyone can see in ‘HD’.

Margaret Nehrke’s eyesight was never great–but it got worse as she got older.

“I couldn’t read, I couldn’t see anything without my glasses,” she said.

But now she sees better than she ever did before, thanks to a laser and lens procedure called high-definition vision.

“High definition will give better color, better clarity, better contrast,” said Dr. William Rand.

Dr. William Rand at the Rand Eye Institute says high definition vision combines CustomVue Lasik with the latest lens exchange techniques, and it can give almost anyone ‘better than perfect’ vision. One lens commonly used in high-definition laser procedures is the re-zoom lens, which allows people to see in HD up close, from afar, or even while driving at night because it has multiple focal points.

“We have a point for distance, we have a point for the middle, and a point for the near,” said Dr. Rand. “So that all the distances are covered and the person can see near far and in-between.”

Nehrke no longer needs her glasses for anything and she says the benefit of high-definition vision is crystal clear.

“It’s fabulous, I can’t imagine anybody would settle for anything less. It’s the most wonderful gift you could give yourself,” she said.

Believe it or not, it generally takes less than a half-hour for these high-definition surgeries. They can be costly–sometimes thousands of dollars–but for seniors, some of the expense may be covered by Medicare and Medicaid. However, do keep in mind that the technology is meant for people who need vision correction, so it won’t be able to get the procedure if your vision is perfect.

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