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Back to School Eye Health – Vision Warning Signs

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Summer’s not over just yet, but back to school is just around the corner.

These are formative years for your child, personally and physically. If you have noticed a change in your child’s behavior it may be due to a change in his or her vision.

Below is a list of warning signs. If your child demonstrates any of these symptoms, it is advisable to consult your eye care professional.


  • Child holds reading material too close to face-fourteen to sixteen inches is recommended.
  • Child sits too close to TV-eight to ten feet is recommended.
  • Complains that writing on classroom blackboard is blurry or too small.
  • Missing the ball very often in sports may indicate a problem with vision.
  • Child rubs his or her eyes or complains of itching or burning. This could indicate a conjunctival or eyelid problem.
  • Child complains of double vision.
  • Child points to words while reading.
  • Writing words or letters backwards could indicate a problem.
  • Child complains of headaches.
  • Child skips or misses words while reading.
  • Child sees better out of one eye than the other.
  • Child complains of pain in or around the eye.
  • Poor hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Photophobia (bright lights bother eyes).
  • Dizziness or nausea.
  • Poor concentration while reading.
  • Abnormal head tilt while reading.
  • Closes or covers one eye to read.

Four out of five children do not receive vision screenings. A screening rarely takes more than an hour and presents no discomfort, but the comfort in knowing that you’ve made your child’s vision a priority, is something YOU should get extra credit for.  Call or click today for an appointment because the first school bell is about to ring!

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