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Healthy Aging Month

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It’s Healthy Aging Month, and because your future is so bright-here are some Rand EYE-deas and tips to keep your mind healthy too.

Of course, exercise fires up endorphins, which stimulate your mind, but exercising your intellectual skills, works out the muscles in your brain to keep them firing on all cylinders too.

You Have Built-in Windows

Since your eyes are the windows to the world, expand your mind, pick up a crossword puzzle, do a brain-teaser or watch Jeopardy (we seem to know every answer when we watch at home, LOL). If you look online, you’ll “discover” websites that offer free puzzles, some you can create and print yourself. Consider making a puzzle using the memories of your life and then testing a family member or friend.

The Eyes Have It

Other eye-popping ways to keep a healthy mind might be to engage in a hobby that gives you the chance to use steady hand-eye coordination, like building a model or painting. Here’s another Eye-dea: Look for an inexpensive digital camera. Start shooting. You might become the next Iconic photographer. Remember, digital photographs are free of developing fees and are easy to share on social media.

Imagine This…

You can always get one-up on your health by making a spiritual connection to your inner self. Take a yoga class or try meditation. You’ll see yourself in many new ways you’ve never imagined. Breathe, exhale and find your focal point.

Healthy Aging Month is all about expanding your sense of purpose and giving more meaning to your days ahead. Let our eyes and mind connect to a healthier you!

Next time, we’ll talk about some fun ways to stay healthy with friends and family.

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