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Acrysof IQ PanOptix

Cheryl Ladd’s Story

PanOptix is the first and only trifocal FDA approved IOL in the United States. This intraocular lens delivers an outstanding range of vision.  Most patients will see clearly at distance, intermediate and near.  Previously, most multi-focal implants provided near and far, but little intermediate vision.

PanOptix will deliver enhanced high-definition vision by making colors more vivid and all images sharper. Patients have reported not noticing multi-focal glare around bright lights with the PanOptix lens. This is a major improvement in the post-operative result. The Toric feature of the PanOtix lens significantly corrects pre-existing astigmatism. for those patients who also require a correction of their astigmatism.

If you are an active person that is looking to be as free from glasses as possible, then PanOptix is your answer.

To learn more, ask one of our ophthalmologists how this lens may be able to improve your vision and improve your quality of life.

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