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Lifestyle Vision

Aimed at enhancing your vision with state-of-the-art breakthroughs in ophthalmology.

Aimed at enhancing your vision with state-of-the-art breakthroughs in ophthalmology, including Custom LASIK and lens exchange technologies, the Rand Eye Institute, a comprehensive eye care and surgical facility, is pleased to announce that vision is now available with greatly enhanced visual quality.

Inspired by the expanding number of vision-correction options available to nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatic and presbyopic patients, Rand Eye Institute’s new LIFESTYLE VISION correction procedures can enable you to:

• Free yourself from corrective eyewear

• Regain your youthful vision

• See clearer, sharper and more vivid than ever before


Personalize your vision to match your lifestyle.

Using only FDA-approved vision correction procedures, such as Custom LASIK, laser cataract surgery and Premium-Enhanced Cataract Procedures, such as Restor, Visian and Tecnis lenses, Rand Eye Institute’s procedures embrace a personalized approach to vision correction, geared towards maintaining individual lifestyles. Rand Eye Institute also treats Miami / Ft. Lauderdale retinal disease patients.

“To achieve the best vision possible, you need to have the best possible procedure,” said Dr. Rand, Cornea and Refractive Specialist. “More and more, the question is not ‘Can you help improve my vision?’ but which option is right for me?”

Extending these vision correction options to seniors, a ruling announced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides Medicare recipients a wider range of vision correction options and financial assistance than were previously available under the plan.

Now, CMS’ ruling offers financial assistance to Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with presbyopia – a refractive error caused by the natural aging of the eye – who elect to treat both cataracts and presbyopia with advanced lens exchange options as an alternative to conventional IOL lenses, the revised plan assumes partial responsibility for payment for the enhanced lens options, offsetting the cost associated with the advanced presbyopia-correcting lenses.

Because only your doctor, after a comprehensive eye exam, can decide which option or combination of options is optimal for you, Rand Eye Institute provides its patients with the information and knowledge needed to make informed decisions before electing a particular vision correction procedure. Regardless of the procedure, the Rand Eye Institute is committed to providing Vision Correction The Best Way Possible™ and advocates selecting only an accredited, state licensed and sterile facility staffed by board certified doctors and licensed anesthesiologists.

Lifestyle Vision Technology


Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK treatments use Wavefront technology, which measures imperfections in your eye many times more precisely than standard methods and produces a detailed map of your eye as unique as your fingerprint.


TECNIS® Multifocal IOL

The advanced TECNIS® Multifocal is an implantable lens that significantly improves vision after cataract surgery and corrects presbyopia. Designed to help you regain younger vision and be free of glasses, the TECNIS® Multifocal Lens can provide you with high-quality vision at all distances and in all lighting conditions—even in dim light.


AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL

The AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® IOL is designed to provide cataract patients with a full range of vision, from reading to driving, and can give patients a clinically proven way of leaving glasses behind.

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