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Child Eye Health and Safety Month

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It is estimated that 80% of education, nowadays, is taught visually. For children with sight problems, this could be a major issue. The inability to see clearly directly affects academic performance as well as a student’s self esteem.

Common signs of vision troubles in children include: frequently rubbing eyes, squinting, tilting or turning head to look at objects, wandering eyes, or squinting eyes.

If your child displays any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment to have their eyes checked. Many of these conditions, if diagnosed early, can be treated and vision can be restored. If the condition is not diagnosed until later in life, treatment will not be as effective.

Talk to your child’s teacher, as they are usually the first to detect these symptoms in the classroom.

The recommended pediatric eye Exam schedule for children are:


  • First 12 months – Infants, particularly premature babies, should have an eye exam in the first 12 months.
  • Age 2 or 3 years – Preschool is a critical time for learning.

Preschoolers should have an eye exam when they are old enough to understand and respond to the exam.

  • Age 5 – Kindergarten is also a critical time for learning.

Kindergartners should have an eye exam before entering school.

  • Children without identified vision problems should then have a comprehensive eye exam every two years.
  • Children who wear glasses or who have other eye conditions should see the eye doctor at least annually, or more often, as recommended by the doctor.

If you or your child notice a change in their vision, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

It is recommended that your child has annual eye exams, to screen for any abnormal changes in vision.



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