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Eye Injury Serious Problem Prevention

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As many precautions as we take, eye injury accidents do happen.

If you do injure your eye, it is important to know what to do in order to prevent any serious problems from happening.
 Eye Injury Serious Problem Prevention

If you get something in your eye:

  • Don’t rub the affected eye. Flush the eye with lots of water and see a doctor if the speck doesn’t wash out, or if pain or redness continues.

Cuts, Punctures, and Foreign Objects in the Eye

  • Unlike specks of dust or metal, be sure not to wash out the affected eye. Do not try to remove a foreign object stuck in the eye. Seek immediate medical attention.

Chemical Burns

  • Immediately wash the eye with water. Open the eye as wide as possible and continue flushing for at least 15 minutes, even on your way to seeking medical care.

Blows to the Eye

  • Apply a cold compress without pressure, or tape crushed ice in a plastic bag to the forehead and allow it to rest gently on the injured eye. Seek immediate medical attention if pain continues, if you have reduced vision, or if blood or discoloration appears in the eye.

This list serves as simple eye safety tips, to prevent further eye problems, and in no way replaces professional emergency medical attention.
You must seek emergency medical care for any and all serious eye injuries.


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