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Eye Safety and Your Air Bags

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Most people drive their car everyday and since 1989 when air bags were first required in automobiles, these devices have saved thousands of lives. However, there has been plenty of controversy about the risk and reward of air bags. Though air bags can save your life, when deployed, you could possibly sustain a corneal abrasion or another eye injury from the air bag. However, without the air bag you would be susceptible to much worse injuries. To reduce any risk to your eyes, always make sure that you:

  • Make sure you are wearing your seatbelt and it is properly adjusted
  • Adjust the headrest for the proper support
  • Sit at the minimum, 10 inches away from the steering wheel
  • Do not smoke while driving
  • Lastly, have children sit in the back, with seat belts properly fastened and if needed, safety seats adjusted to the proper setting.

Remember, Safety First! specially when it comes to protecting your eyes.

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