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Holiday Eye Safety Tips

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The holiday season, as joyous as it is, can be a very dangerous time for your eyes. In order to stay safe this holiday season, you should take the proper precautions to avoid as many accidents as possible. While trips and falls can be common as you are decorating your home, there are many other accidents that may occur.


Here are a few Eye Safety Tips to stay cautious of this holiday season!

The Dangers of Glass Ornaments

holiday-eye-safetyGlass ornaments can be a beautiful addition to liven up your family’s Christmas tree, but these fragile items can be broken instantly and easily, causing small fragments to fly everywhere. When cleaning up these shards of glass, betake caution in protecting your eyes. Wearing gloves and washing your hands after clean up will help prevent foreign objects from getting into your eyes. Keep children away from broken shards of glass.

If you do get glass or any other foreign object stuck in your eye, washing it out with a saline solution or clean water. Refrain from rubbing your eyes. Call your eye doctor in the case of an emergency.

Christmas Lights, Wreaths and Trees

Hanging up decorative lighting may be fun, but there are also dangers that come along with it. Climbing up ladders or any other unstable surfaces carries the risk of falling and poking an eye.

Pine needles found on wreaths and trees can also pose as a threat to the eye.

If you do get poked in the eye, examine it in a mirror to check for fragments and call your optometrist.

Popping up the Champagne!

The holidays call for social gatherings and celebrations. For adults, always remember eye safety when popping up the champagne bottles. When it’s time to open the bottle of champagne, hold the cork down when you’re removing the wire wrapped around the cork. A great way to prevent the champagne from spraying or cork flying is to use a towel and point it away from yourself and others. Once you’re finally ready, hold the bottle at about a 45-degree angle and gently pull the cork out. Following these steps will prevent any injuries!


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