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June is Cataract Awareness Month

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June is Cataract Awareness Month, so make the most of it while learning about how to keep your eyes safe and healthy. A cataract is when the natural lens gets clouded, which is a light-sensitive tissue that helps the eye focus, the result of the clouding could mean distorted or blurred vision. If a cataract is left untreated and is disregarded not only can it impair your vision but it may even cause blindness.

There are many things that can affect ones chances of developing cataracts, such as; family history, radiation, high blood pressure and obesity. Cataracts affect 1/6 of Americans past the age of 40. Once around 75 years old, roughly 70% of people will have cataracts.

Coming to get your vision checked is more than just a monthly or yearly check up, it is about seeing clearly and improving your life with clear vision. Imagine going to see a movie or driving on the road, you might be having a hard time seeing the screen or even a red light. At the end of the day, scheduling an appointment with a licensed ophthalmologist is best way to go. This will help you stay healthy and independent.


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