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Most Common Sports Eye Injuries

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The most common types of eye injuries that can result from sports injuries are blunt injuries, corneal abrasions and penetrating injuries

Blunt injuries occur when the eye is suddenly compressed by the impact from an object. Blunt injuries, often caused by tennis balls, racquets, fists or elbows, can sometimes cause a black eye or hyphema (bleeding in front of the eye). More serious blunt injuries often break bones near the eye, and may sometimes seriously damage important eye structures and/or lead to vision loss.

Corneal abrasions are painful scrapes on the outside of the eye, or the cornea. Most corneal abrasions eventually heal on their own, but a doctor can best assess the extent of the abrasion, and may prescribe medication to help control the pain. The most common cause of a sports-related corneal abrasion is being poked in the eye by a finger.

Penetrating injuries are caused by a foreign object piercing the eye. Penetrating injuries are very serious, and often result in severe damage to the eye. These injuries often occur when eyeglasses break while they are being worn. Penetrating injuries must be treated quickly in order to preserve vision

Signs or Symptoms of an eye Injury:

● Pain when looking up and down, or difficulty seeing ● Tenderness
● Sunken eye ● Double vision ● Severe eyelid and facial swelling ●Difficulty tracking ●The eye has an unusual pupil size or shape
● Blood in the clear part of the eye ● Numbness of the upper cheek and gum ● Severe redness around the white part of the eye

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