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Eyewear with the purpose of protection is now becoming a trend in professional and non-professional sports. Not long ago most professional athletes did not wear anything for eye protection and eye injuries were extremely common. Due to the high amount of eye injuries, protective eyewear has became more prevalent over the past years and is now seen in nearly every sport, from squash and hockey all the way to water polo and snowboarding.

Ski Goggles

When protective eyewear first started showing a presence in sports, those who wore it were looked at funny and asked, “why are they wearing such a thing?”. However, those questions have quickly vanished and eyewear has become a fashion statement for some sports. Both kids and parents have now become more accepting and like the image of protective eyewear.

If you are choosing not to wear protective eyewear, consider this:
Sports that contain the use of balls, sticks, bats, racquets or flying objects pose a potential threat for an eye injury. Some sports seen as less harmful such as tennis and badminton involve an object that can move around 60 mph or faster. In a game of racquetball the ball can travel a various amount of speeds ranging between 60 and 200 miles per hour.

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