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Protect Your Eyes

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An unprotected eye is an invitation for an injury to occur, especially while playing sports. But there are so many ways in which we can protect our eyes.

Here are some precautions that should be taken, when playing sports, to prevent eye injuries from happening.

Baseball: Players should wear a faceguard made of a sturdy plastic or polycarbonate material along with eye goggles or eye guards.

Basketball: Players should wear eye goggles at all times in the event of an errant elbow, a stray poke from another player’s finger, or an errantly thrown basketball.

Soccer & football: Like other contact sports, an errant elbow, ball, foot, or finger can cause serious damage to the unprotected eye. Players should always wear sports eye guards and, in football, a full faceguard.

Hockey: Players should wear full polycarbonate material or a wire mask to prevent eye injuries and possible facial injuries.

Tennis or racquetball:  To protect your eyes from a ball, or your opponent’s racquet, protective eye goggles should be worn at all times while playing this sport.

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