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School Sports – Eye Injury Prevention

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There is nothing worse than getting a phone call from your child’s school informing you of an injury. Most of those injuries occur to the eye during gym class. This year, avoid those phone calls and send your child to gym class prepared!

In order to prevent injuries, children should wear the appropriate sports eye protectors that are made with polycarbonate lens for baseball, basketball, football, racquet sports, hockey, etc.

The eye protection needed to prevent eye injuries in your sport is determined by a few various standards that are set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The eye-safety standards go by the following:


  • ASTM F803: Eye protectors for selected sports (racket sports, women’s lacrosse field hockey, baseball, basketball)
  • ASTM F513: Eye and face protective equipment for hockey players;
  • ASTM F1776: Eye protectors for use by players of paintball sports;
  • ASTM F1587: Head and face protective equipment for ice hockey goaltenders
  • ASTM F910: Face guards for youth baseball

—- Prescription lenses can also be fitted into some types of sports eye protectors, as well.

Gym class is not the only time your children’s eyes could be at risk. Students are advised to always wear the appropriate protective glasses in shop class or while doing science labs. Talk to your child’s school to ensure the correct protective eyewear is being used.

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