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Summer Brings Fun Filled Water Days – Protect Those Eyes

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As summer approaches and the days get warmer, people will start using the pool and going to the beach more often. All that sounds great, but are your eyes protected while you’re enjoying the summer water? Simple things like a scuba diving mask or swimming goggles can both sharpen your vision and keep your eyes safe.

You might ask yourself, why swimming goggles or even a scuba mask is needed?
It’s simple, light acts differently in water than it does in the air, basically blurring (distorting) what you see. For example, when underwater objects appear larger and closer than they really are, your hand-eye coordination could be thrown off as a result of this. Water bends light differently than air, therefore your vision will be out of focus when your eyes come into contact with the water. To give you an idea, a person that has 20/20 vision on land, would be considered legally blind underwater. By using a mask or goggles you are allowing a pocket of air to be kept in front of you at all times, which allows light rays to travel to and through your eyes in a more accurate way.

Many of our patients that enjoy water sports have opted for laser vision correction, given that they have been deemed a candidate. Laser vision correction, such as our no-flap LASIK or upgraded refractive options, virtually eliminate or reduce the dependency of prescription eyewear. Imagine not having to worry about purchasing an expensive prescription scuba mask or swimming goggles. More so, the freedom from the cumbersome limitations that the above pose. Once again, imagine not having to deal with this…we can help.

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