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Vision and Eye Problems, That Tend to Arise While Aging

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There are several eye problems that become increasingly common among people as they age:

  1. Presbyopia:

    This is the loss of ability to see objects close up, clearly. This includes small prints, as well. It is a normal process that happens slowly as you get older, but you will probably not notice a change in your vision until your 40s. Presbyopia can be corrected with reading glasses or contacts.

  2. Floaters:

    These are tiny specks or spots that float across your field of vision. Most people notice them while in a well-lit room or while outside. Floats are usually normal, but can sometimes indicate a more serious eye problem, such as retina detachment.

  3. Dry eyes:

    This happens when tears glands cannot make enough tears or they produce poor quality tears. Dry eyes can be uncomfortable, itchy, burning, redness and sometimes even some loss of vision.

  4. Cataracts:

    These are cloudy areas that cover part or the entire lens inside the eye. When a cataract is present, light can’t pass through the lens easily, and this causes vision to be impaired. If a cataract becomes too thick, they can be removed by surgery.

  5. Glaucoma:

    This develops when there is too much fluid pressure inside the eye. If this is not treated early, it can cause blindness or vision loss.


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