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Workplace Eye Safety – Common Eye Injuries

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There are so many ways you can injure your eyes at work. work-related-eye-injuries

The most common causes for eye injuries are:

• Flying objects
• Tools
• Particles
• Chemicals
• Harmful radiation

Chemical eye burns

Highly acidic and highly alkaline substances are extremely toxic to the eye and can cause chemical eye burns if they come into contact with the surface of the eye.
Alkaline substances pose the greatest risk. These substances are commonly found in workplaces, such as in laboratory chemicals or industrial cleaning products.

Foreign bodies

Small foreign particles such as dust can enter the eye and can cause irritation and inflammation.
Foreign particles such as dust don’t really cause lasting damage to the eyes, but it is very important to remove small particles as to not cause any additional issues.

Blunt trauma

Injuries that do not penetrate the skin and do not result in external bleeding to the eye occur as a result of being struck by a heavy object. They can cause the eye to bleed internally.

Computer use disorders

Using a computer for extended periods of time is associated with a range of temporary eye disorders including pain and discomfort.

Eye diseases associated with excess UV exposure.

Outdoor workers are exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the form of sunlight, excessively. Artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation are also found in a range of workplaces and is also damaging to the eyes. These include welding arcs, germicidal lamps and lasers.

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