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Rand-Stein Analgesia Protocol

Anesthesia Care at the Rand Eye Institute

The type of anesthesia utilized at the Rand Eye Institute for the majority of our procedures is Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC). The three fundamental elements and purposes of MAC are:

  • Safe intravenous sedation
  • Control of patient anxiety
  • Analgesia for pain control

The anesthetic management is individualized for each patient and includes varying levels of intravenous sedation, analgesia, and anxiolysis as needed.

The medications used are based on the Rand-Stein Analgesia Protocol. This protocol, developed here at the Rand Eye Institute has been responsible for over 75,000 safe, successful anesthetics at Rand Eye Institute.

Your anesthesia care here at the Rand Eye Institute will be administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and includes all aspects of anesthesia care:

  • A pre-procedure assessment
  • Intra-procedure care
  • Post-procedure anesthetic management

Our goal is maximum patient safety and satisfactory experience allowing for a quick discharge with no significant side effects.

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