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Patient Testimonials

Dear Rand,
I used to live in Ft Lauderdale but have now relocated to my home in England.
You performed LASEK eye surgery on me on 2014. Everything is absolutely fine, and my vision is wonderful…I can play squash and ride motorcycles without the inconvenience of glasses, and is safe and secure for me. In fact I am planning for 2 of my sons to be treated in the same way next year,..

Thank you again for such a beneficial and life improving experience!

Best wishes and Seasonal Greetings to you and your team,

— Malcolm C.

“Hi, just wanted you guys to tell Dr…. that she was surprisingly right about me having allergies! I doubted it, since 8 other dr’s never said a word about that, never thought I had any, but I’ve had bad eye problems and my 1st allergy test said I’m allergic to tons of things like plants and dust mites, so I’m getting shots soon. Tell her she’s a pretty good doctor.”

— Amie B.

“I was pleased with my first cataract surgery 3 weeks ago so i came back for the second eye surgery”

— Galia D.

“Because Rand is considered the premiere eye institute in Florida”

— Samuel C.

“Extremely helpful, kind and great at their jobs!


— Mary R.

“I’ve been coming here for the last 30 years.”


— Gloria L.

When i arrived in the US in the year 1982, i drove pass “Rand Eye Institute” and i said, “this is the place i am going to when my eyes are bad”.

— Maud Y.

“My right eye went ‘funny’ Tuesday night. I called Wednesday, you got me in today. Learned there was a tear in the retina. Yas got me in to see Dr. Danzig who stayed late along with his nurse to perform the necessary surgery and ‘look after me’. I’m forever appreciative . Cannot Praise Rand Eye highly enough!”


— Tim G.

Kudos to the whole staff at Rand Eye:

I was in as an emergency add in appointment because I just noticed flashes & floaters in my eye. The staff could not have been more accomodating. From the Cindy at the appoinment desk through to every diagnostic process and up to Dr Danzig’ exam with me, the staff was extremely professional, knowledgeable and genuinely comforting until Dr Danzig provided me with positive results of my exam.

The facility was beautiful and immaculate, I really appreciated the first quality service that Rand Eye offers .

Thank you so much!

— IA

“Right away I saw, right away that day, right away that instant.” I came home and I felt I was a new person so I would recommend to anybody definitely, definitely don’t be afraid, cataract surgery it’s a piece a cake, “doctor Rand is the best!”

— Arlene H.

Dear Dr. Rand,

The two little words most commonly used, “Thank You”, are just not enough to express the gratitude that I hold in regards to you and the Rand Eye Institute.


Bea DR.

Dear Dr. Rand,

I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Rand and staff of Rand Eye Institute. Twelve years ago i came to your office to undergo LASIK Vision Correction surgery. After the Lasik procedure i felt as though I was reborn.

Never in my wildest dream did I imagine how beautiful the world is and how much I have been missing.

On my eighteenth birthday I joined the United States Army. For the duration of my service I was awarded the “Eagle Eye” badge.

“Every morning for the past 12 years, I wake up and silently thank you for what you have given me. Today my vision is clear, sharp and just vivid as the day you gave me the gift of sight.”

Thank you, Dr. Rand, for giving me an opportunity to fulfill my life’s hopes and dreams.


Yuri S.

Just finished cataract surgery at the Rand Eye Center. WOW BEYOND FANTASTIC! When it comes to your eyes you want the very best Doctors, knowledgable, caring nursing staff, professional welcoming staff. All working together to make your visit a happy occasion with positive results. You see smiles, you feel positive healing, you see the deep RESPECT everyone Has for their leader, the smiling Dr. William Rand, I was so impressed at how well everyone did their job! In 2weeks doing other eye!?


There is a long wait the last time I went. But the detail of tbe examinations, advanced equipment & techniques and great knowledge of Dr Rand are worth it.


I had my LASIK surgery done at Rand Eye Institute and my experience was remarkable. Initially I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect prior to the surgery, but the staff made me feel at ease with their comfort, knowledge and honesty throughout the whole process. Dr. Rand and his team took extensive measures to ensure that I would have vision to my greatest potential. No more thick glasses or contacts. Thank you Dr. Rand and staff for everything-love my new vision!

Laura S.

Rand Eye Institute



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