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I don’t usually write reviews. I’m guilty of leaving it for the other guy. But after my experience at Rand Eye Institute on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, I would be guilty of letting an opportunity go by to say thank you to an amazing team of individuals. I had four hours of testing in front of me that began at 9 am. And it began at 9 am. From start to finish, the four hours actually went by very quickly, and, for the most part, painlessly. Dr. Danzig and his team are, in my humble opinion, absolutely amazing! What could have been a tedious process was actually completed on time and, because of the wonderful staff, made enjoyable. The time went by quickly and, one important part I must mention, every test, every piece of paperwork, every bit of information gathered was thoroughly explained not only once, but several times. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being an amazing group of people and I thank God for bringing me to Rand Eye Institute and Dr. Carl Danzig!

- Debbie K.

Deerfield Beach, FL

March 8, 2023


My mother has been dealing with macular degeneration and had to go to many doctors over the years. She’s a great person who happens to be in a body that aged. Most doctors have been curt, distracted, and have talked down to & even ignored her. She has often left very depressed after having to go to these visits.

Since the Rand eye institute is the closest that accepts her insurance for a new consult she needs, we braced ourselves for a new doctor’s possible careless input. Dr David L Rand is just a great human being as well as doctor. She was so uplifted after her visit because of the kind and respectful but honest & open-minded manner he has. Every thing was explained intelligently and supportively- really just lovely. Plus his skill as a doctor is clear.

Mental health and attitude are such a huge part of wellness. This became very apparent when we finally got a doctor that shows care. I really can’t say what a difference it has made. Yes, you may have to wait awhile- but that’s literally everywhere the case that we’ve been in Florida. The wait its worth it. Thank you!


Thank You!

- G. S.

Deerfield Beach, FL

May 19, 2022


I was vacationing in miami, after a long brutal lockdown in the midst of COVID , after 10 long months in Nyc- when I suddenly starting seeing “ floaters“ in my Left eye.

I remembered driving my dad ( of blessed memory ) to the Rand Eye Institute over 30 years ago .
My wife and I jumped into the car on a short Friday in January of 2021, and drove directly to the Rand Eye center in Deerfield Beach , Florida.

I was so impressed with the Professionalism of Dr. Willam Rand, The COMPASSION of Mrs Debby Rand , and the Amazingly Talented Dr. Carl Danzig, who treated me with a emergency Lazer treatment to prevent a further tear in my retina.

The staff of Rand Eye made a very difficult day for me into a wonderful memory of their professionalism ,Compassion & their Care.
With eternal gratitude!
- Eli & Yitty G.
Queens ,NY
Miami Beach, Florida

July 6, 2021

This is my testimonial for my experience at the Rand Eye Institute. I came in with very marginal vision and will never take for granted the clear vision I now have. After two cataract surgeries, I can see everything, near and far. Every doctor, nurse, technician – everyone – was always very professional and I never doubted I was in the best hands. Thank you Dr Rand.

- Nancy W.
May 10, 2021

Dear Rand Eye Institute Physicians and Staff,

This letter is being written in great appreciation of the outstanding medical care that I have received at Rand Eye Institute over the past 5 years.

I first became familiar with your clinic by Dr. Carl Danzig, a friend of mine, at Broward Health North whom I met in the hospital during a physician mixer. I have seen numerous ophthalmologist and optometrist over the past 8 years for my eye care, but no one has ever matched the expertise, knowledge and state of the art care like Rand Eye Institute has. I am grateful, to your group of expert ophthalmologist, optometrist, nursing, as well as office staff.

I have had the privilege of being treated by Dr. William, David and Allison Rand over the past 5 years, and they have truly given me the best personalized treatment in managing and curing my chronic dry eye condition to the point that it is almost completely cured.

As a physician in the community, I can honestly say that I have never seen a more knowledgeable, dedicated and committed group of physicians, health care professionals , and office staff like I have personally experienced here at Rand Eye Institute.

Rand Eye is the only clinic I trust to have my family, friends, and my own patients to be evaluated for ophthalmic care, and in each and every case, their outstanding service shines.

I am eternally grateful to this institution and in particular to the Rand Family for helping keep our community healthy and well.


Parham Eftekhari, D.O., M.Sc.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Rand Eye Institute is great in every way. I have been going there for the past 5 years and Dr. Allison is exceptionally skilled and makes you feel at home. The entire staff is also very friendly and insightful. Between the experienced staff and state of the art equipment, I never think to go anywhere else for all my eye needs. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone and everyone requiring anything eye related.

-Sam T.


I had custom Lasik vision correction in both of my eyes in 2006, at the time I was legally blind in both eyes, I was a -4.75! I had the consultation with Dr. Rand, set up an appointment and before you know it my vision was completely clear. Eleven years later, I still have 20/20 vision. I have never been more happy with my vision. I HIGHLY recommend the Rand Eye Institute to anyone that is seeking vision correction!

-Erol T.


I have been a patient of the Rand Eye Institute for over 10 years.  There is no other facility that I would entrust with the care of my eyes.  The professionalism and standard of care that I experienced at the Rand Eye Institute is bar none.  From the moment you walk in the staff is welcoming.  The facility is clean and the doctors are incredibly knowledgeable. I have always felt that I am in the best hands here.  My previous eye doctor left me feeling pressured to buy the latest thing he was pushing.  I can confidently say I have never been pressured into a procedure or product at the Rand Eye Institute.  Dr. Allison Rand and her team have always provided me with all the necessary information to make an educated decision about my eye care.  They explain everything in terms that a person from a non-medical background can understand.   I have and will continue to recommend the Rand Eye Institute to my entire family and friends.

-Deanna R.



had a torn retina and went to the Rand Eye Institute as an emergency late in the day and was taken right away. Dr. Danzig repaired the torn retina and saved my eyesight. I would recommend Rand Eye Institute for all and every thing related to your eyes. They are the best.




Recently my very active son had a basketball hoop come down on him which required stitches on his eyelid. As a concerned mother worried about his vision, visiting Dr. Allison Rand at the Rand Eye Institute was my first and only choice. She was attentive, professional and caring. My son felt very comfortable in her care and I was very grateful for the care he received at Rand.

-Charlotte M.



I wish more medical offices and businesses in general acted as thoroughly and organized as Rand Eye Institute.

Professional experience through and through.

I had a very positive experience at my appointment where I was seen by two professionals with a minimal wait. I was given a very clear explanation of what options I had with respect to my long term vision needs, which was the first clear explanation I’ve ever gotten.

The front desk staffers were courteous and caring and helped me get a pair of disposable sunglasses as I left with my eyes dilated. What a class act!

Going to the eye doctor isn’t expected to be an enjoyable experience, but the team at Rand Eye Institute made my time there enjoyable and comfortable.




Dear Rand,
I used to live in Ft Lauderdale but have now relocated to my home in England.
You performed LASEK eye surgery on me on 2014. Everything is absolutely fine, and my vision is wonderful…I can play squash and ride motorcycles without the inconvenience of glasses, and is safe and secure for me. In fact I am planning for 2 of my sons to be treated in the same way next year,..

Thank you again for such a beneficial and life improving experience!

Best wishes and Seasonal Greetings to you and your team,

— Malcolm C.

“Hi, just wanted you guys to tell Dr…. that she was surprisingly right about me having allergies! I doubted it, since 8 other dr’s never said a word about that, never thought I had any, but I’ve had bad eye problems and my 1st allergy test said I’m allergic to tons of things like plants and dust mites, so I’m getting shots soon. Tell her she’s a pretty good doctor.”

— Amie B.

“I was pleased with my first cataract surgery 3 weeks ago so i came back for the second eye surgery”

— Galia D.

“Because Rand is considered the premiere eye institute in Florida”

— Samuel C.

“Extremely helpful, kind and great at their jobs!


— Mary R.

“I’ve been coming here for the last 30 years.”


— Gloria L.

When i arrived in the US in the year 1982, i drove pass “Rand Eye Institute” and i said, “this is the place i am going to when my eyes are bad”.

— Maud Y.

“My right eye went ‘funny’ Tuesday night. I called Wednesday, you got me in today. Learned there was a tear in the retina. Yas got me in to see Dr. Danzig who stayed late along with his nurse to perform the necessary surgery and ‘look after me’. I’m forever appreciative . Cannot Praise Rand Eye highly enough!”


— Tim G.

Kudos to the whole staff at Rand Eye:

I was in as an emergency add in appointment because I just noticed flashes & floaters in my eye. The staff could not have been more accomodating. From the Cindy at the appoinment desk through to every diagnostic process and up to Dr Danzig’ exam with me, the staff was extremely professional, knowledgeable and genuinely comforting until Dr Danzig provided me with positive results of my exam.

The facility was beautiful and immaculate, I really appreciated the first quality service that Rand Eye offers .

Thank you so much!

— IA

“Right away I saw, right away that day, right away that instant.” I came home and I felt I was a new person so I would recommend to anybody definitely, definitely don’t be afraid, cataract surgery it’s a piece a cake, “doctor Rand is the best!”

— Arlene H.

Dear Dr. Rand,

The two little words most commonly used, “Thank You”, are just not enough to express the gratitude that I hold in regards to you and the Rand Eye Institute.


Bea DR.

Dear Dr. Rand,

I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Rand and staff of Rand Eye Institute. Twelve years ago i came to your office to undergo LASIK Vision Correction surgery. After the Lasik procedure i felt as though I was reborn.

Never in my wildest dream did I imagine how beautiful the world is and how much I have been missing.

On my eighteenth birthday I joined the United States Army. For the duration of my service I was awarded the “Eagle Eye” badge.

“Every morning for the past 12 years, I wake up and silently thank you for what you have given me. Today my vision is clear, sharp and just vivid as the day you gave me the gift of sight.”

Thank you, Dr. Rand, for giving me an opportunity to fulfill my life’s hopes and dreams.


Yuri S.

Just finished cataract surgery at the Rand Eye Center. WOW BEYOND FANTASTIC! When it comes to your eyes you want the very best Doctors, knowledgable, caring nursing staff, professional welcoming staff. All working together to make your visit a happy occasion with positive results. You see smiles, you feel positive healing, you see the deep RESPECT everyone Has for their leader, the smiling Dr. William Rand, I was so impressed at how well everyone did their job! In 2weeks doing other eye!?


There is a long wait the last time I went. But the detail of tbe examinations, advanced equipment & techniques and great knowledge of Dr Rand are worth it.


I had my LASIK surgery done at Rand Eye Institute and my experience was remarkable. Initially I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect prior to the surgery, but the staff made me feel at ease with their comfort, knowledge and honesty throughout the whole process. Dr. Rand and his team took extensive measures to ensure that I would have vision to my greatest potential. No more thick glasses or contacts. Thank you Dr. Rand and staff for everything-love my new vision!

Laura S.

Rand Eye Institute



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