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Testimonial Arlene

Arlene’s Cataract Testimonial at the Rand Eye Institute



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Arlene Herson’s Testimonial

Originally I came to the Rand Eye Institute because my husband was having cataract surgery.

We had recently moved to Florida and we had heard about doctor Rand and had heard that he was the absolute best, in cataract surgery and everything that he did so, we actually thought we had to use influence to get an appointment. So we had a friend call to make sure that doctor would do my husband’s cataract surgery, and he did and that’s what brought us originally to the Rand Eye Institute.

I needed glasses for reading, I needed glasses for distance, I had my glasses that were sunglasses and it got to the point where I couldn’t go anywhere without having reading glasses and that bothered me.

It was getting worse, and worse, and worse, and I came back and found at I needed cataract surgery. Well it was such an amazing experience first of all the care and the testing that went through before I even set foot in the operating room was amazing.

I was very very impressed I had never had ever such a thorough examination anywhere
ever. When it came to have cataracts surgery now we did one one week and one the next week and waited a week in between.

I had heard about all these different lenses people were giving me all this advice “okay you need this kind of a lens that kinda lens” and of course I discussed this with doctor Rand and he said “look I know what you need, I have the best, I know what’s happening in this world (cataract) before a lot of the other doctors do, trust me” and I did.

My left eye was first, I came home I couldn’t believe it! I looked out, we
have a courtyard house and we have flowers, I never knew the flowers were so bright. I
was walking around saying I don’t believe this you know it was so exciting I couldn’t wait to have the second one done.

“Right away I saw, right away that day, right away that instant.” I came home and
I felt I was a new person so i would recommend to anybody definitely, definitely don’t be afraid, cataract surgery it’s a piece a cake, “doctor Rand is the best!”

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